Go to the websites of the different executive branches: State, County, City, 

USE the same attachment from 7.1 and 7.2


With same the two policies you selected for the Legislative branch, you would like to see become law

  1. Go to the websites of the different executive branchesStateCountyCity,

and look around.

Find at least one or two areas of government you think would responsible for implementing the policy you are proposing.

  1. Go to the Discussion Board and talk about your experience. Explain why you selected this type and level of government. Why you selected this or these offices to implement your policy.  If you had  trouble finding an office, talk about this experience as well.


In the PowerPoint we talk about multiple types of executive branches at the State and local levels. Some are elected; others are not. Can all of them be influenced by citizens and their/our actions? If so, how? Remember your discussions and reflections in Unit 2.