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It seems as there are many types of motivations and reasons that drive individuals to perform certain performances. “Intrinsic motivation is an inherent and task-endogenous type of motivation, one that orients people toward an activity because of the anticipation of experiencing spontaneous self-satisfactions during task engagement” (Lee, W. et al., 2012). “Extrinsic motivation (e.g., incentive-based motivation), on the other hand, is an acquired and task-exogenous type of motivation that orients people toward an activity because they have learned that its engagement in the past has been associated with an attractive but separate environmental consequence” (Deci and Ryan, 1985). Being so new to the nursing field I like to learn from others and evaluate other nurses’ performances. Now that I have an understanding on what motivates a person makes since on why certain nurses do certain things. For example, there is this nurse who works in the ER and I love to watch her work because she is so into her work and is passionate in what she does. Whereas others are fast and on to the next. This is very important to understand when it comes to team performance because if I’m able to understand each of my co-worker’s reasons for motivations, this will help in balancing the unit.