Grand Canyon University Elimination Systems Discussion

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Elimination systems such as renal, hepatic, pancreatic, biliary and gastrointestinal “are necessary for the maintenance of a healthy body” (GCU, 2020). They help the body filter what is necessary for survival and excrete the unnecessary and toxic waste from the body. In addition, they have secondary actions and aid other systems to produce the necessary nutrients or cells that our body requires to functions properly. For example, the kidneys help produce RBCs and Vitamin D. Another example is the stomach’s main function is to break down food however, it also aids in production of Vitamin B12. Patients experiencing medical issues in general have to deal with their new life style even if it is a short episode. However, when patients have medical issues related to their elimination systems it usually wreaks havoc in their lives. This is because it affects almost all aspect of their lives and it is an issue that they will have to deal with the rest of their lives. In addition, most of the diseases that occur in the elimination systems are lifestyle and diet related. Therefore, patients require to implement changes in all aspect in their lives. Patients and their families require much support to adapt to the current and upcoming changes that are to be faced. They require “psychosocial, cultural and spiritual support” (GCU, 2020). In addition, many patients require support from outside or community resources to meet their economic needs.