Grand Canyon University Euthanasia Discussion

Make a comment responding the following statement.
Generally, I agree with these notions, but euthanasia is a controversial topic, and differing outlooks on such situations determine how people in a society treat such cases. The Christian perspective considers the act sinful, however, it is more secular factors that cause an individual to opt for assisted suicide: in situations when people are faced with incurable illnesses with no possible positive outcome, a patient may decide to end their life prematurely to escape physical torment or to relieve their relatives of a long-term monetary burden (Goligher et al., 2017). Suicide as a way to avoid suffering violates this perspective, but I must admit I have conflicting thoughts about the latter example, where the motives are more altruistic in nature. Nevertheless, I agree with the concepts illustrated in the readings and believe that even from a purely secular viewpoint, cases where a terminally ill patient remains alive despite the painful experience may yield positive scientific results, with researchers finding solutions to afflictions once thought to be incurable.