Grand Canyon University Health & Medical Organizational Culture Paper

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Organizational culture is the interaction of shared value about what things are important, belief about how things work and get done (Huber, 2017). Organizational behavior is a set of disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science that affect organization setting (Borkowaski, 2016). It is affected by the interaction of numerous simple to complex factors. Organizational culture predicts how the individual or groups will behave on the basis of internal and external factors. It provides managers and leaders with tools to assist management in accomplishing goals. Failure to address people with diverse backgrounds and cultural values as they work together in a group causes barriers to the organizational culture.

Sophisticated organizational processes, lack of standardized performance management system, lack of supportive structures & finances, and lack of clarity in the job descriptions are the main cause of barriers faced by leaders (Conger, 2014). In this case, even though the individual leader is willing to serve followers cannot exercise his/her potentialities to the intended level. For example; when the hospital committee continuously pressurizes the charge nurses to focus on the matrix and improve scores with fewer resources makes them feel powerless.