Grand Canyon University Healthcare Delivery Discussion

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Healthcare delivery needs continuous improvements which is know as quality improvements (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Quality improvements are created to help implement change in the medical field. One recent topic I am passionate about is workplace violence. I am a charge nurse in an Emergency Department therefore I see violent patients often and have to help other nurses in these situations as well. A process needs to be in place to identify these patients when they are at the ED. Nurses should not have to worry about being physically or emotionally abused while they are caring for patients. If a violent patient or visitor enters the ED, security needs to be notified immediately so they can keep a close watch on the individual. The violent patient’s room will be identified with a red card placed outside the door, so all staff knows they have a violent history. Keeping all staff safe while they are caring for patients is extremely important and must be addressed to decrease the number of workplace violence issues that are seen in the medical field.