Grand Canyon University Musculoskeletal Disorders Discussion

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According to an article in Forbes by Brent Gleeson there are 15 characteristics of high-performance teams. They are servant leadership, shared vision, time oriented, culture of accountability, seamless communication, comfort zone expansion, ecosystems not hierarchies, proper planning, after action reviews, self-management, measured trust, guiding principles, celebrates success and learning culture (Gleeson, B., 2019).

Intrinsic motivation is doing something because you enjoy doing it. Whereas extrinsic motivation is doing something in order to avoid a punishment or to gain a reward. There are pro’s and con’s to each leadership style. The intrinsically motivated persons’ care is more passionate care. Intrinsically motivated people tend to be more persistent when facing difficulties as well as being more creative. However an extrinsic motivated person will tend to get more accomplished when their values align with the goal that is needing to be accomplished. It takes both types of people for a good working high functioning team. Needing to know what type of motivation each person needs is a necessity for a leader. When a leader knows what type of motivation to give to each member the team will begin to function to the best of their ability (Parenting, 2020).