Grand Canyon University Nursing Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment on the discussion. When I first began working for a public health organization, it was very new and didn’t have an HR department. Many coworkers were very close and friendly with one another, and it quickly became easy to see how boundaries were blurry and professionalism in certain respects was lacking. When a HR manager was hired, leadership did a poor job onboarding this person to the organization and didn’t do well with allowing this person to develop a rapport with staff. They tasked the HR Manager with creating and implementing a ton of new policies and procedures that shifted the company culture.

If it were up to, I would have spent more time understanding the nature of implementing change and having open dialogue with staff about the changes that were coming and allowing them to actively participate in the conversation about what the HR manager should prioritize when creating and implementing policies and procedures (Borkowski 2015). There are several strategies that could have been utilized to support staff during this change. For example, the HR manager could have facilitated team building activities to develop a rapport with staff (Borkowski 2015) or could have hosted various professional trainings with staff and made them fun and engaging as opposed to sending emails and requiring staff to sign policies (Borkowski 2015).


Borkowski, N. (2015). Organizational behavior in health care (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.