Grand Canyon University Spiritual Care Discussion

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I feel that spiritual care is needed when hope is needed. What makes me feel secure and hopeful in a time of need is being alone and speaking to God. That is what I feel works for me. In this time I cry and pour all of my worries and concerns to God. When I am done though I may not have the answer I do feel much better. I am not the person that knows the bible inside out but I find that technology is very helpful for this. I listen to scriptures online and it soothes me and gives me hope. I believe that my form of spiritual care does accord with the readings. “Sometimes spiritual care means simply being present, praying, sharing from scripture, offering a word of wisom and encouragement or participating in a healing servinf”(Shelly & Miller, 2006). I feel that spiritual care does not get the recognition it deserves. Sometimes the only thing a person needs is spiritual care. It does something to the soul. It allows us to endure and work through hard times. It gives us strength to process hardship. In the ICU, I have seen people who deteriorate due to failure to thrive and nothing else. I feel these cases are direct results from lack of spiritual care and lack of hope that leads to no will for life and it is so sad. Our outlook in life has great involvement in our health.