HA 415 Broward College Health Care and Medicine Policies Essay

Criterion 1: Health care Policies

● Visual depiction includes how ideas become healthcare policy on all three levels (local, state and national).

Criterion 2: Individuals and Groups

● Visual depiction identifies how at least two individuals and two groups can impact the health care policy process.
● Depiction analyzes specific roles that individuals/groups may play in health care policy design.

Criteria 3

Criterion 3: Policy and Nursing Homes

Visual depiction illustrates at least three ways in which the health policy process impacts the nursing home industry.

Criterion 4: Writing Requirements

All of the following elements are met:
● Displays college-level writing in Standard English free of spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
● Minimal in-text citation errors such as a missing page number or a misplaced date may occur.
● Minimal paper formatting errors such as a misplaced margin may occur.
● Quotation marks and citations make authorship clear.
● Assignment is 3-4 pages in length not including the title page and reference page.

Criterion 5: Academic references with in-text citations.

Includes three academic references from multiple outside sources and/or course materials as required.

HA415_1904B_-3.1: Distinguishing the role of the local, state and national policy makers.

The student thoroughly and clearly distinguishes the role of the local, state and national policy makers.