hard of hearing people today and in the past describe situations 1

Hard of Hearing People ~ Today and in the Past: Research and describe the

typical situations of hard of hearing people in the major periods of history. Describe the perspectives of religious, political, and social leaders on the rights of hard of hearing people and mention improvements or failures made in the struggle of hard of hearing people (NOT d/Deaf) for recognition and respect. This topic is to be written about hard of hearing, NOT d/Deaf people. Compare these with the lives of hard of hearing people today, showing how events and figures in the past have influenced their present lives. ( at least 1,200 words with at least 10 references)

Content (minimum 8 references total; at least 5 must be books, magazine, journal or newspaper articles; only 3 website references are allowed.)

-Organization (including APA format)

-Clarity of expression/style


-Quality of the subject being discussed