have you ever heard of the platinum rule before it is a fabulous way to create the space for an authentic transpersonal caring moment

Take a few minutes to watch the video below about the Platinum Rule. This video provides insight into one way we might experience caring science theory in both our personal and professional practices. The Platinum Rule concept is at the foundation of the assignment for this week.

The Platinum Rule (Links to an external site.)The Platinum Rule

Part I – Observation and Reflection

Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule before? It is a fabulous way to create the space for an authentic transpersonal caring moment.

1) For this assignment, plan to observe others eating a meal. This observation can occur in the breakroom at work, at a restaurant, or even at home with family and friends.

2) Take note of how others eat the food present on their plate. Pay special attention to whether they eat one type of food at a time, pause between bites, mix food items together, etc.

3) After your observation of others, take note of how you eat the food on your plate. For the observation and personal reflection, recognize if there is a social and/or cultural aspect to the dining experience. What is the setting like for both – solemn, jovial, purposeful, celebratory, etc?

4) Summarize your observations of others exploring the questions posed in steps 1-3 and others that may come to mind, in at least half page. Secondly, compare and contrast the first paragraph with a personal reflection of your own consciousness of eating practices. (at least half page)

Part II – Pausing for Consideration and Reflection

The second part of this assignment is to consider the experience of being fed from the perspective of a patient or client who is dependent on you for assistance. If you required assistance to be fed, how would this experience be optimized for you?

1) Describe the ideal or optimized environment for you, if you were to need to be fed by another person.

2) Share caring actions by the person feeding you which would be consistent with a Caritas Nurse?

3) Describe what Caritas Process(es) you will practice in this optimized scenario? Give explicit examples of what tasks would be seen.

4) Explain actions that would NOT allow for a transpersonal caring moment to occur, during this type of exchange?