HBU Lung Cancer and the Selected Priority Population in US Case Study

Read the attachment and follow all instructions for the assignment. everything you need to successfully complete both assignments is attached below. The first is the literature review created that was based on the mission statement which will be the second attachment. the rest of the attachments are all the assignments created leading up to the final project they all correlate to each other and will be places in order from first to last. the  second to last attachment is the final project assignment directions. “The final project assignment builds upon all of the previous assignments, in which you determined a health condition and priority population, conducted a basic needs assessment, composed a mission statement, developed program goals and project objectives, selected a theory (or theories) that guided your development of a health intervention, and identified and developed an activity that supports the desired outcomes. Based on all the information that you found in your research over the semester and the feedback you received on your assignments, you will now compose a fully developed written description of your project. Please see the outline below for a rough idea of what I’d like to see in the final project. Due to the range of projects you all have selected, the specific sections will vary among papers.”  the last attachment will be a sample paper of how the final project should look like. please make sure to read every attachments and eery requirements on the final project assignment attachment (second to last attachment).