HCAD 650 UMDC American Law Principle & Healthcare Administration Chart

Title: Managerial Tool Kit


Course Objectives for Assignment:

Analyze the unique qualities of American constitutional, statutory, and common law principles in relation to healthcare administration.

Apply the principles of law and regulation to organizational and clinical healthcare settings.

Explore and differentiate legal and ethical implications of various health care situations and environments and integrate legal and ethical principles into evolving areas such as managed health care, patient rights, and standards of care.

Review the document “The Law, Compliance Tools, and Managerial Actions” document in the Content area.  ***Note: Laws are not compliance tools. 

Use Week 12 Managerial Compliance Tools links in the Classroom Law Library to find tools. 

Review the compliance tools we have applied in course discussions and assignments throughout the course such as contract clauses, policies, COSO, checklists, etc. 

Demonstrate critical thinking by linking each compliance tool to specific law(s) we discussed in each module. For example, the compliance tools for Business Transactions should relate to laws discussed in Business Transactions such as Certificate of Need (CON), antitrust, Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPOM),  state incorporation laws, non-profit tax laws, Sarbanes Oxley Law (SOX),  False Claims Act (FCA), Anti-kickback Statute (AKS), Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark law). 

Include 10 different tools. 

Select tools you will use as a manager. This is your toolkit to use in the future! 

Complete the  Managerial Tool Kit table. It is recommended that this table be worked on throughout the course as all modules are represented here. 


Managerial Toolkit for Compliance.docx (15.42 KB)