HCS 446 University of Phoenix Facility Selection and Research Essay

Health care facilities have uniquely defined characteristics based on the needs of the facility or population served. Poor design may lead to staff, visitor, or patient stress. In large facilities, the inability to find a department may lead to frustrations and disorientation. Poor layout may also lead to staff inefficiencies or fines because of failure to meet regulatory requirements.

Throughout this course you will design a floor plan for the facility you select in this assignment. This assignment illustrates the difficult balances between patient flow, workflow, safety, and aesthetics. You will use this document as a guide to understand the environmental design elements you should include in your final design.


Complete the Week 2 section of the Facility Planning Guide. Note that most students achieve better results by submitting their assignments as separate documents rather than as embedded in the Facility Planning Guide.

Cite Hayward and at least 1 other peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines, properly citing and referencing any facts, words, ideas, or graphics that are not your own.

Submit your assignment.


  • Hayward, C. (2016). Healthcare Facility Planning: Thinking Strategically (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.