Health and Medical Questions Myocardial Autorhythmic Discussion

there are 12 questions in the attached (i have already started in it, so you get the framework, and just add 100 words more for each!

Hello! This assignment basically requires answering (12) questions in a good, detailed manner. I have already started to outline the answers, but they need editing and adding more information to make it understandable and organized. If you don’t want to use the slight outline I have for each question, you can do your own answer but make sure that your first paragraph of the answer ADDRESSES the question DIRECTLY. Take a look. I have left a highlighted note of the questions that need/might need more information/work done.

Only straight information addressing the question and the core concept. I should also add that answers must be in Paragraph forms. No bullet points or work cited.

Make sure that whenever writing the first paragraph, that you directly address the question and the core concept of it. Details are great, just like I did in question 2, where I tried to help out and get some kind of rough draft going.