health class paper

This is the requirement from school, you only need to start writing at 3rd page which is after my personal information, you only need to do the research and base on the information you found to explain, you dont need to have a introduction and conclusion part, those 3 page you write are just the body of my essay. My topic about this essay is what can make us feel spirited and well when we get up in the morning, which facts and living habit will affect you body health There are three main facts you can write and do research about,( first the sleeping, like whether the time you go to bed and get up and how long you sleep each day will effect, ) (second, eating habit,) ( third exercise, you can write about we are driving everyday which dont have enough exercise) you can write each one for one page.

  • There must be a personal connection to the topic. This can be addressed on the 1st page and through out the paper.
  • The body of the paper must be at least 5 pages single spaced or equivalent.
  • First page can be personal insights (connection) to the topic with the second, third and fourth pages filled with the information you have gathered about the topic. The fifth page can be continued info with some personal conclusion about the topic.
  • The writing style can be of your choosing. If you are used to APA style or any other that will be up to you. I am interested in how you want the style to be. Always strive for well written organized and thought provoking papers.
  • There shall be a separate page at the end citing all sources and references. You should have at least 3 sources. Make an effort to find scholarly sources.

So the total pages including title and reference pages would be seven if the main body was single spaced