HEED 4320 University of Texas at Arlington Ageism Discussion and Responses

Discussion and Responses 

Instructions: Please participate in the Successful Aging discussion. For this discussion, use the information from the textbook, website, and the 5 videos for Module 1 to answer the following:

1. What is your functional age?  How does that compare to your chronological age?

2. How might ageism affect the elderly?

3. How are Arn, Clara & Ruth’s lives similar and different?  Who has aged the most successfully? What can be done to assist these elders?

4. What do people do differently in the “Blue Zones”? How do Arn, Clara & Ruth compare to elders in the “Blue Zones”?  How are they different?

5. Discuss the information in the “Mastering the Key” video & how might you apply it to your life?

6. Please add any  new, relevant information to the discussion in the form of a youtube, article or anecdote  to earn the 100 possible points