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1.Brief overview [Brand Summary & SocialMediaAccounts

Find creative store/business name[Doesn’texist].▪Create proper social media accounts[Twitter, Facebook and Instagram].▪Describe the industry and company.▪Explain the competitive advantage.▪What do you want to achieve with social media?▪Describe how social media marketing can contribute.

2.Audit your social media platforms performance

â–ªAfter creating your social media accounts, share it with your colleagues.

â–ªAll students are required to participate/engage [likes, comments,tags or share]

▪Social media marketing statistics will give you the vision you need to improve your plan, checkyour account’s statistics [Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights and Facebook Insights]and attach a screenshot to your report

.▪After that, youmust analyze the company’s use of the social media by examining their presence on the following social media platforms:



Company Posts


Average response time to feedback





Note: you can use any free online Sentiment Analysis toolsto evaluate your social media presence.

3.SWOTand Competitive Analysis:â–ª

Conduct a social media SWOTanalysis foryour business.

â–ªResearch what your competitors are doing. Select 3 competitors and write the Competitive Analysissection of your SMMP.For each competitor answer the following questions:

â–ªWhat type of content are they posting?And social media platforms used?â–ªWhat content is getting the highest engagement [e.g. retweet, likes, comments]?â–ªHow many followers do they have?â–ªHow often do they post [daily, weekly or monthly]?Note: You can use any free online third-partyplatform for further analysis.

4.Define your social media marketing goalsâ–ªBased on the finding from your social media audit, write the goals and strategies section of your SMMP.