HIM 486 Essential of Health Information Management Unit 6 Medical Record Review

Review the grading rubrics

Analyze      the two assigned medical charts and the assigned surgical chart.  The      charts can be found in “Medical Records for Review”.  You will be      viewing electronic medical records that were created from old paper      records.  The information has been “typed” into forms to make it      easier for review.  These are not “perfect” records, these are real      records.  You will find inconsistencies, inaccuracies and missing      information as you work through the chart reviews.  Not all records      have all data elements. You will utilize all pages of the practice      records provided for review.  

Complete      a medical chart worksheet for case numbers 6,and 10.

  1. Complete      a surgical chart worksheet for case number 1.

Submit      the worksheets through Blackboard below.  Create ONE document with both      medicine worksheets before submitting.  Create ONE document for the      surgical record before submitting.