HIS 100 SNHU Climate Change Shifts in Weather Patterns & Temperatures Template


Use the provided Module One Activity Template: Project Topic Exploration to complete this assignment. First, you will identify a topic that you are interested in examining from the following list:

  • Human Rights and Inequality
  • Political Revolutions
  • Climate Change
  • Globalization

You must select a topic from this list. Make certain to review the Library Research Guide to learn more about each topic. You will then describe the prior knowledge, beliefs, assumptions, and values you have related to your chosen topic. Finally, you will explain why you think this historical topic is relevant to contemporary society.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Explain what you already know about the chosen topic based on your personal history or experiences.
    • If you do not have prior knowledge about your topic, explain what you would like to learn more about.
  • Describe the beliefs, assumptions, and values you have related to the topic you chose.
    • What opinions or perspectives do you have about your topic? What conclusions have you already drawn about it?
  • Explain why this topic is relevant to current events or to modern society.
    • Why might this topic matter to us now?