HIS 115 Grossmont Cuyamaca Independence in Latin America Essay Exam

History 115 Exam/ Spring 2020

Saturday, May 23 / 5:00-10:00PM / Online Submission

Directions: Please submit your responses via Canvas (Assignments) no later than 10:00PM. Late submissions will be subject to a loss of 5-10 points.

Directions: Short Essay Responses

Essay Responses: Please answer the following two questions with details and examples taken from the textbook! Be sure to include your own analyses using the book. As usual, please remember to cite the textbook and do not forget to put the key terms in bold/underline/italicize Submit your answers on Canvas (Assignments)- Good Luck!!!!!!

Essay Questions (25 points each):

  • Describe the sequence of events from Chapters 1-4 that led up to the independence movements throughout Latin America? From Chapters 1-4, contrast the rebellions and wars of independence from at least three different Latin American Countries and at least two European countries. Discuss any similarities and differences in detail, with examples and key terms from your book. Did some (if any) of the independence movements challenge the colonial conception of racial hierarchy?

**You need to include at least four key terms from Chapters 1-4 in your response.

  • Let’s look into Chapters 5-9: Describe the types of government(s) that rose to power during the neocolonial period as discussed in Chapter 7. In what ways did overseas empires shape the neocolonial experience (women, social change, political transformation, economic opportunities, religion, etc.)? In these chapters (5-9), how did the revolutionary movements throughout Latin America inspire a devoted movement and following? What did it look like and with what kind of ideals did they connect with?

**You need to include at least four key terms from Chapters 5-9 in your response.

Each answer should be a minimum of 500 words-

Please submit your work by 10:00PM- Good Luck Friends!!!