HIST 108 Cuyahoga Community College The Bank War Reading Questions

1. TRUE or FALSE With the temporary demise of the two-party system, the Election of 1824 saw FOUR men run for president, all claiming to be “Republicans.”

2. All of the following describe Henry Clay during the Election of 1824 EXCEPT:A) he was nicknamed both “Harry of the West” and “Judas of the West” B) Clay was the current Speaker of the House C) he had a reputation as a “free-living gambler and duelist” D) he won only 37 electoral votes E) after helping to secure the election of John Quincy Adams, Clay became the nation’s Vice-President

3. TRUE or FALSE In the Election of 1824 NO candidate won at least 50% of the popular vote.

4. All of the following describe attributes of President John Quincy Adams EXCEPT:A) short and thickset B) austere and aloof C) closet thinker and sarcastic D) pro-states’ rights and “people’s champion” E) for a national university and astronomical observatory

5. TRUE or FALSE Within the nasty mudsling of the 1828 presidential election, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS accused ANDREW JACKSON of once providing a servant girl for the lustful Russian tsar.

6. Which of the following BEST describes the life and background of President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)?A) a Virginia born wealthy planter and lawyer B) a land speculator and frontier scout who helped develop the state of Kentucky C) came from a prominent well-to-do former Loyalist New York family D) born into poverty in the Carolinas but later became a frontier aristocrat in Tennessee E) a Georgia born farmer who became a famous war hero at the Battle of Charleston

7. FILL IN THE WORD The following quote: “Throw their rascals out and put our rascals in” and “What has he done for the party?” best exemplify the political (fill in the word: ) system seen under the Jackson administration.

8. TRUE or FALSE Federal tariffs such as the notorious Tariff of Abominations (1828) normally were favored by the NORTHERN states but angered the SOUTHERN states.

9. Among the many remarkable ways the Cherokee Indians of Georgia assimilated or adapted to white American culture include all of the following EXCEPT:A) they adopted a settled agricultural life B) they attended schools set up by white missionaries C) wrote their own legal code and constitution structurally similar to the U.S. one D) devised a Cherokee alphabet E) adopted a system of free labor with no one owning slaves

10. Looking at Map 13.1 on page 254, soon falling victim to the Indian Removal Act (1830), the Five Civilized Tribes lived in all of the following southern states EXCEPT:A) South Carolina B) Georgia C) Florida D) Alabama E) Mississippi