HIST 330 ARC Eurocentrism Gender Women and the American Revolution Discussion

Discussion One

Part A: Chrestien Le Clercq and the Roles of Native Women

Go to the Week One Module to find the Early Europeans, Key Concepts, and Chrestien Le Clercq Power Point, which you will need for this assignment.

One major cause of strife between the Europeans and the native inhabitants of the Americas was cultural misunderstanding, which often centered around stark differences in gender roles. For this assignment, review the terms explained in the power point and how they relate to the quoted passages. Answer the following questions in the discussion forum. Please follow the Writing Guidelines, posted in modules. Students will lose points if they don’t follow the directions outlined in the guidelines.

  1. Using the Le Clercq source, find an example of Eurocentrism in one of the passages and explain how and why it is an example of this concept.
  1. Using the Le Clercq source, find an example of the cultural construction of gender and explain how and why it is an example of this concept.
  1. In your own words, explain what Le Clercq tells the reader in the first passage.
  1. What surprised Le Clercq in the second passage? Demonstrate your understanding by explaining in your own words.

Part B: Women and the American Revolution

For this next part of the assignment, each student must choose the five most important terms, figures, events or concepts from the Women and the Revolution Power Point lecture, which is posted in the Week One Lecture Materials. Every student will have a different list of most important items, which is part of what makes this a fun and engaging assignment. There are no right or wrong answers but students must defend their choices by explaining why they chose those five things. What makes those five things historically significant? Look to my Power Point lecture on how to determine historical significance for guidance on how to pin point what makes a person or thing significant.

Important Requirements:

*Each particular person or thing must come from a different slide. Students cannot choose all five items of significance from the same one or two or three slides.

*No vague explanations. I will not accept vague answers that do not demonstrate any knowledge of the material. For example, writing that you chose Abigail Adams “because she was important” is not an adequate answer. Why is she important? What does she teach us about women of that era? What kind of an impact does this person have on our history? You must explain your reasons for choosing those five things.

*Students must also respond to two other students. Simply writing “I like your list” is not adequate. Why do you like their choices? Be specific. Perhaps you disagree with another student, that is fine too but you must explain your reasoning.

This is an excellent exercise that allows students to do independent learning as well as learn from each other. Plus, it’s really fun! Please number your list and make sure you follow the Writing Guidelines. Each of the five things you name should have a minimum of three to five sentences to explain why that person or thing was chosen. Please edit your assignment carefully and only submit complete, thoughtful work.