hist290 pirates

Step 1: Draft a Thesis Statement

Begin by reviewing the topic choice you made in Module 2 and narrowing your focus into a thesis statement argument. A thesis statement should be 1 sentence long and it should address an argument that you can prove through your sources. Read more about how to create a strong thesis statement in the Excelsior OWL.

Step 2: Create an Annotated Bibliography

Next, search the Library and databases below for sources related to your thesis statement. For this assignment, you will create annotations for at least 4 sources: 3 outside sources and Daniel Defoe’s A General History of Pyrates, which is assigned in later modules of this course. Defoe’s book represents the most significant primary source on the study of pirates, and you are expected to draw heavily on this source in writing your research paper. In addition, you are expected to find at least three other outside sources in completing the assignment.

Your annotated bibliography should list each source in APA format and then include one approximately 100-150 word paragraph below the source. Each annotation should include:

  • A brief description of the source and its major points
  • A brief evaluation of the source and its author, including whether it is credible and authoritative on the topic
  • A brief evaluation of how the source will be useful for your thesis