History 4 assginment

1.You are an African American soldier just coming home from fighting in France during World War I. Explain what life was like for you serving in the United States Army. What was your job, where did you live, how did the French, as well as those you served with, treat you? What was life like for you when you returned to the United States (where did you live, did you have a job, and did you go to school)? 200 words

2.You are an American citizen in the time period of this unit. Write a brief letter to a citizen of another country that the United States is expanding to during this time period. Share why, from your perspective, this expansion is good. In the letter explain why the United States taking on an imperial position is bad from your perspective. Include the issues of expansion, foreign policy, and trade, as well as other areas of interest to you. 300 words