History Discussion Chapter 17, Freedom’s Boundaries, at Home and Abroad, History Assignment Homework Help

Go to youtube and watch the video “From Isolation to Empire: The Aftermath of the Spanish-American War.”(Posted above).

As you learned from Chapter 17 and will learn from the video,
American imperialism had staunch supporters and staunch opponents. Some
supporters included President William McKinley and British poet Rudyard
Kipling. Read the following documents from Ch. 17 of Voices of Freedom:
Doc. 113 Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The White Man’s Burden” and Doc. 112
Emilio Aguinaldo on American Imperialism in the Philippines. Think about
how Americans who supported imperialism justified U.S. action in the
Caribbean and in the Philippines, and about how and why members of the
Anti-Imperialist League denounced imperialism. In your original post,
describe how Kipling and imperialism’s supporters justified American
imperialism. Do you think U.S. imperialism was mostly positive or
negative? Why and for who?

In your reply,imagine that you are Emilio Aguilnaldo and/or a member
of the Anti-Imperialist League. Challege U.S. justifications for
imperialism as written by one of your classmates.