History Project, assignment help

Think about how deterrence was used by President John F. Kennedy. For this unit project you will make a presentation explaining deterrence and comparing two modern day countries with nuclear power. Include in your presentation the number of nuclear weapons these countries hold and the possible damage that could be caused by their use.

You will also describe a realistic situation where deterrence can be utilized against both countries to prevent war. The purpose of this project is for you to show how deterrence keeps war from occurring.

Your presentation should have at least six slides, a title page, and a Works Cited page. Each slide should have at least one full paragraph of writing. 

You must use at least 2 credible sources other than your textbook and provide a Works Cited page with your sources. Failure to include a Works Cited page will result in a rejected assignment.

  • Click on the link in the Red Box to view the Project Rubrics for this project.

Remember to write in your own words and in complete sentences.

For more information on deterrance during the Cold War between the two powers, review your textbook and visit the following webste: