History report assignment about Lost Kingdoms of Africa (Nubia)

Lost Kingdoms of Africa (Nubia)

This is a documentary about the kingdoms
of North Africa. “Lost Kingdoms of Africa is a British television documentary
series. It is produced by the BBC. It describes the pre-colonial history of
Africa. The series is narrated by Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford.” Please watch the two
clips in their entirety. This opportunity will close at the beginning of class
on the date assigned on the schedule. No exceptions!  (58:36)


1. Watch the film clip.
2. Write an opening paragraph which explains what your learned about the historic record, opinion, or activity the assignment covers. Make sure to give me specific examples from the ENTIRE film. 
3. Write a second paragraph where you give me an assessment of the worthiness of the film.

Give the specific examples of what you liked or did not like about the assignment’s style and/or content.

Just  2 paragraphs, total almost 1 page is fine.

Do NOT plagiarism please.