HIUS 341 A1 Business and Technical College Tocqueville and Antebellum America Discussion

History of American Politics HIUS-341 – Discussion Board Forum 2

Topic: Tocqueville and Antebellum America

Based on your readings of Tocqueville from Modules/Weeks 2 and 3, assess the continuity between antebellum America as presented by Tocqueville and late 20th/early 21st Century America as you see it. Are there substantive areas of similarity over the last 150-plus years? If so, what are they, and why do you think they have endured?

In your replies, further the conversation by fleshing out those aspects of American culture and society that you think have contributed to those similarities. You may certainly touch on the continuities themselves, but you must focus more on what you believe to be the causes.


De Tocqueville = Tocqueville_1532-02_EN_EBk_v6.0.pdf (Attached File)