Home Automation Security and Vulnerabilities

Topic: Home Automation Security and Vulnerabilities

Need to write 600-word paper (excluding References and Title page) written in APA format, showing sources/References and one page with bibliography


We all recognize that the home technologies are designed such that it makes our lives easier, comfortable and also more convenient. But new conveniences should not mean to bring new problems but that indeed the case is in most of the cases in the current world. The issues of using automation in everything are most often discussed on social media or any blogs etc. For example, connecting home appliances/devices to the Internet makes you dependent on the connection quality and the servers they operate on. In parallel, cybercriminals are waiting on a poor link where they can use those points of entry gain control on the equipment that is open and vulnerable for attacks and use it to their own advantage in most cases. Many studies recently have revealed that number of ways are still there to take control of a smart home equipped and connected with smart devices. One such issue for example, could be a vulnerability in the cloud server with the help of which the home owner controls the house remotely using the controls that operates the devices, or even something seemingly innocuous like a smart light switch. In this paper, we will get in to more details of what devices are currently used as smart home safety/convenient devices and how vulnerable they are with some examples which happened in the real world. Safety measures that can be put in practice if equipped with this technology and other safety practices when decided to use this smart/convenient devices at home.