Homework Questions

Chapter Eleven

[Franklin]: Discuss the economic, political and social changes that Reconstruction afforded African Americans. Was Reconstruction a success or failure for African Americans?

[Williams]: Read Chapter 2 “Reconstruction and Its Benefits” by W.E.B DuBois (97-110). According to DuBois, what impediments were created during Reconstruction to prevent African Americans from gaining full equality? What actions did the federal government take to check these obstacles? What does DuBois suggest could have been done to prevent the collapse of Reconstruction

Chapter Twelve

: [Franklin]: Following Reconstruction, southern whites brutally attacked African Americans. How did they terrorize black men and women? How did these actions represent their effort to re-institute the slave system? How did blacks respond to these actions?
[Williams]: Read and summarize the two accounts in Chapter 2, “John Wesley Hardin of Texas: Peerless Gunman” (73) and “Ku Klux Klan Discipline” (74). How are these documents indicative of violence towards blacks during Reconstruction?

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