hosp paper 1

Section V:Reflection (Due Week 10) (40 points)

Write a 2-3 page reflection paper on what you have learned by doing this project. Focus on the following:

  • Have you changed your mind on your career goals or do you have stronger convictions about your career plan?If you had to select a company to interview with, which would that be?Explain.What will your career path be towards your career goal?
  • Using all of the information that you have gathered throughout this term develop five short-term (1-3 years) and two long-term goals (5-7 years) that you need to achieve to help you reach your dream job.Goals must be specific, measurable and have a timeframe included.These should be presented in bullet point format.
  • Include your final copy of resume. You will need this to apply for your internships here at the University.The resume should be on it’s own page, following your goals.
  • Write a cover letter, as if you were sending your resume to the company indicated (in the first bullet point) or potential internship site or other potential job position.The cover letter is to be on a separate page and follow the resume.