hotel creation policies and procedures

Everything should be an original creation

I am creating a hotel. I want you to suggest for me 10 applicable policies and procedures. I have done everything else, I just need 10 policies and 10 procedures, then the Viability and Practicality

See the attached file for more instructions.

Polices & Procedures (50 points): Part of running and operating a successful hotel requires having policies and procedures in place for your staff and business. You will submit in writing at least 10 (2.5 points/each) policies and 10 procedures for your hotel. Your paper needs to include at least 5 policies and/or procedures and support the reasoning for those policies/procedures. These policies are to be original and not copied from an online source.

Viability & Practicality (30 points): Does your hotel make sense? Could it be profitable and successful? Does the target market match what you have created? Should include financial factors like: ADR, OCC, RevPAR, who the competitive market set is etc.

More details:

  • Take the example of Mashpi Lodge please
  • It does not have to be long, just make sense and meet the requirement please. Every point has to be well explained. At least 700 words

You can refer to Mashpi Lodge please! just as an example, and please guarantee its an original creation, a unique hotel