hotel management professional discussion

One of the chapters discussed was Theme Parks and Attractions. This is a huge portion of the hospitality and tourism industry and has made great strides over time as far as technology goes. Disney has been at the fore-front of using technology to increase guest experience with their Magic Bands and their cell phone app. Aside from the Magic Bands and other current technology that is being used in theme parks, how would you like to see technology advance the theme park and attraction sector? Explain your idea fully and how it would help the theme park and attractions. How would this idea impact the tourists?

Grading notes:

  • Considering the content of this discussion, I’m expecting at least 3 full paragraphs from you for your original discussion post.
  • Please do not give me your opinion, instead give researched facts. Include in-text citations as well as a list of full citations used at the end of your original discussion post in APA format. Discussions without citations will be graded accordingly.