housing prices case study 1

Should be at least full 4 pages double spaced, according to the instructions!

Do not plagiarize from other websites!

  • Analyze the dataset, identify key questions and write a report based on your findings.
  • Use any (more than one) technique covered so far in class.
    • For e.g. use two sample tests, ANOVA, chi-sq. tests, and multiple regression.

Guidelines for Report

  • Type your report in a clear and organized style:
  • The score of the written report will be weighted as follows:
  • For the statistical analysis, address:
  • Section 1, Executive Overview (0.5-1 page):Summarize the key findings based on your study and discuss any possible future study or data collection that might be necessary.
  • Section 2, Statistical Analysis (3-5 pages):Very carefully describe the steps you took to analyze the data and describe what, how and why decisions were made along the way.Support your analysis with relevant plots, relevant statistics, and relevant hypothesis tests.Include these in your report. DO NOT include irrelevant calculations or analyses.All relevant computer outputs can be relegated to the appendices with clear cross-referencing in the paper.
  • Section 3, Summary and Conclusion (0.5-1 page): Summarize how the results of your analysis may be used in managerial decision-making.Also discuss what you have learned in the course of completing the project and how these experiences can be applied in future undertakings of statistical analysis.

Section 1: 20%

Section 2: 50%

Section 3: 20%

Writing: 10%

  • Identify multiple question from your data.
  • State the hypothesis for each question.
  • Run the appropriate statistical procedure for each question.
  • Report the results, and summarize the findings for each question.
  • Interpret the results in the context of your question.

You should assume that you are writing the report to a manager that knows very little about statistics. Your writing should present the statistical findings in a way that even a layperson can understand