how could i argue rebellion in christopher marlowe s dr faustus


7-9 pages, MLA Format, 5-8 Scholarly Sources from JSTOR Database (tarrant county college),Works Cited Page (not included in overall page count)


• Introduce your topic and lay the foundation for your argument (what are the social circumstances surrounding the text/ argument).

• Thesis (this should go at the end or beginning of your introduction. It will state your argument and how you plan on supporting the argument).

• The body of your paper will consist of the historical, cultural and social evidence of your topic as well as textual support.

• Conclusion: this section summarizes your ideas and suggests another avenue for the next scholar to pursue if there is one.

I would like the theme to be arrogance and rebellion

Talk about the time period the text was written in, talk about the church and heretics

Thank You So Much!