.How do we overcome the distance situation, and prevent coronavirus?


The paper should be at least 5 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. The paper should follow APA format and include a minimum of four different scholarly research references. Contain minimal grammar and spelling errors. This includes the title page and reference page to give a total of 5 pages.

Also, added in any of the following questions.


1.How do we overcome the distance situation, and prevent coronavirus?

2.How has the pandemic affected our relationship between our love one or others?

3.What do we learn from this situation?

4.How has the pandemic has affected you and those around you?

5.How has the media changed since then?

6.How has this affected our normal communications?

7.What has changed the most for you?

8.Are you communicating more or less with people? Do you feel more or less connected to people?

9.Do you make an effort to still interact with others even if it is


10.Has school become more difficult or easier? Why?

11.Do you think this has opened the possibility of doing more things virtually? Would you want to even if it wasn’t necessary

12. Where is this future is headed?

13.How has the internet kept us together?

14.What changes with your communication/ feelings after a video call vs. a voice call?

15.How does it feel to have a president miss-communicate in a time of need?

16.How does it feel for the president to give advice that would poison people?

17.Are their sources that communicate better? who are they and why?

18.What are your feelings with social isolation?

19.When you are feeling socially lonely what are things you do? How has loneliness

affected your daily productivity?

20.What are communication ques that might have seemed harsh before the pandemic that

are now important for survival?

21.Has anyone had any conversations that they found difficult because they couldn’t see

any nonverbal forms of communication?

22.How are you using conflict resolution skills to manage disputes between the family

members that you’re stuck inside with?

23.Because more people are connecting online now, have you met any new cultural barriers that you haven’t dealt with before now?

24.What do we miss most?