How does HFT affect the market?

Discussion Board

Reread pages 38 to 39, High Frequency Trading, and watch at least one of the following videos:

Original “60 Minutes” section on HFT uploaded June 5, 2011 (has pros and cons): (Links to an external site.)

Interview with Michael Lewis about his new book “Flash Boys” from “60 Minutes” on March 30, 2014: (Links to an external site.)

Short video about the “60 Minutes” interview with Michael Lewis shown on CBS Morning Show on March 31, 2014: (Links to an external site.)

Discussion Questions

How does HFT affect the market?

Is HFT illegal? Unethical?

Do you believe that the stock market is efficient?

How do you feel about investing in the stock market now?

The discussion board will be set in Canvas to require students to contribute their own response to the prompt prior to reading what classmates have posted. Each student will submit an initial response posting to reflect on all aspects of the prompt. Conclusions must be defended with evidence in appropriate APA format, which means both in-text and end-of-text citations should be included.

At Least 350 Words