How has geography influenced the course of history?, questions help

Unit 1 Introduction

  • How has geography influenced the course of history?
  • What is history?

Unit 2 Seventeenth-Century Europe

  • Why did Parliament succeed in expanding its powers in England at the expense of the king?
  • What were some of the characteristics of political modernization in France?

Unit 3 Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

  • Why was the era called the “Enlightenment?”
  • What did Isaac Newton achieve as a scientist?

Unit 4 French Revolution

  • What were the main characteristics of the Ancien Régime (Old Regime) in France?
  • Who was Napoleon and why was he considered an embodiment of the revolution?

Unit 5 Industrial Revolution

  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?
  • How did industrial production change Western society?

Unit 6 Russia in Revolt?

  • What did the Decembrists hope to achieve through their uprising?
  • Was Emperor Alexander I an enlightened monarch?

Unit 7 Socialism

  • What were the main points of Marx’ critique of capitalism?
  • What were some of the distinctive features of nineteenth-century conservatism and liberalism?

Please answer each question in a long paragraph. Thank you in advance.