how is government spending related to economic growth

Reading three articles of the proposal, and writing the final paper obey the following.

Recommended Structure of the Final Paper

  • Section 1. Economic questions and policy relevance of your papers as a group (1-2 pages).
  • Section 2. First Paper (approximately 2 pages)
  1. Economic questions
  2. Policy Relevance
  3. Data and estimation methods
  4. Main Results
  5. Policy Implications
  6. Internal and External strengths and weaknesses
  • Section 3. Second Paper (same topics as for first paper)
  • Section 4. Third Paper (same topics as for first paper)

Remark. There is no need to repeat if, for example, two papers use the same data source. Just refer to the description in the earlier paper.

  • Final Section. (1-2 pages) Summary of conclusions from papers regarding questions and policy. Unanswered questions and agenda for future research