hrm case analysis 3

Pls read the case, and answer follow questions.

Assignment details:

  • In no more than three (3) pages, APA Style, no plegerism.

The following questions should be answered:

  1. Could the management of the HI team have been more culturally sensitive and was its strategy correct to achieve its goals? Explain.
  2. Could Tian Wen, the former general manager, have been used in a more advantageous way? What did you think of the management practices?
  3. What did you think of the training? Was it enough time? Why or why not?
  4. How could the communication between the international managers and hotel employees have been enhanced?
  5. What benefits would have been demonstrated if a performance management system was in place?
  6. Was HI’s redundancy process appropriate or could it have been done in a different way? Are there any suggestions you have to make this process more effective? Connect it to a performance management plan and appraisal system that would be beneficial.