HSCI 317 HWC Health & Medical Tuesdays with Morrie Summary

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Tuesdays with Morrie Summary #4

Respond to the following…

1. Did you have a special relationship with a teacher or adult? Explain their impact.

2. Have you struggled with finding your purpose in life? Explain.

3. Morrie knows everyone knows death will happen, but no one really believes it will happen to them. What are your thoughts on death? Do you feel invincible? Explain.

4. What is your perfect day and who would you spend it with?

5. Morrie says there’s no such thing as too late to do something in life. What would you like to accomplish? Is there anything that seems out of reach? Briefly explain.

6. Morrie was not a fan of the media and the images it portrayed to society. Why do you think he was so willing to let Ted Koppel and the ABC crew into his home?

7. The reader gets a brief look into Morrie’s childhood. How did his relationships with his mother, father, stepmother, and brother shape him into the man he became?

8. Morrie had a hibiscus flower in the study where he spent most of his time. How does that flower relate or compare to Morrie’s life?