hstm 2201 leisure in society assignment visual interpretive report 1

Visual Interpretive Report

Looking at the following chapters ~ 3,4,5, & 7:

The text book has a lot of excellent photographs that depict leisure in our society. Looking at Leisure as Part of YOUR lifestyle, I would like you to select one of the following chapters to represent visually via Instagram. Here is how it works…

PART 1) Instagram Activity

I will ask you to follow me at my class account (@drk8play); I have posted several photos with the Hashtag #HSTM2201 that represents a visual of Leisure in our Society that focuses on which ever chapter(s) we are reviewing at the time. PLEASE NOTE: I have other photos that are labeled with hashtags for other courses that I teach…your comments on those will not count for this assignment – only the photos labeled #HSTM2201. You should reply with a photo/comment of the same topic photo that you have taken in your community. You may create a different account if you do not want to use your personal account, if you had to create an account for another class, just use that same account to follow me…it is not necessary to create an additional one. I will not start following you, I will look for your replies to my photos that are labeled with this class’s #hstm2201. I will ask you to do the same when you post your photo as well as tag me in it (@drk8play). Since I do NOT follow you, you will have to tag me in the photo for me to see it.

  • Comment on my 5 photos that are related to this classes and labeled w/ #hstm2201, and
  • Post your photo that you will describe and relate (See part 2) – make sure to use the class hashtag #hstm2201 & tag me in your photo @drk8play.
  • You need to screenshot, specifically describe, and capture what you have done on IG and post it under this assignment on CANVAS. I can’t grade this on IG alone! If directions are not followed, points will NOT be awarded.

Feel free to ask any questions of concerns on the DB thread, Ask Your Instructor.

Your Instagram Photo should be relevant to what you chose to write about in Part 2 & you should write a comment describing the topic you chose!

PART 2) “What Do You Think?”

Looking up the “What Do You Think?” section in these listed chapters. Determine which chapter your picture most resonates with and answer the questions in that section. These can be found on Chapter 3: page 60 OR 61; Chapter 4, page 74; Chapter 5, page 101, and Chapter 7, Page 144 in our textbook Dimensions of Leisure for Life. SELECT ONE of the chapters to write about & it should relate to the IG Photo!

ACTION for assignment: Write up a 2 page -800 word count minimum, double-spaced, 1″margins, 12 pt font review and relate the chapter readings. Use APA guidelines and cite your references.