ht1483 discussion

Unit 13 covered the American Civil War and the division that debates over the institution of slavery created in the United States. In this Unit, you read the Mississippi Sescession Document and an excerpt from speech by Fredrick Douglass on the institution of slavery. Discuss in detail why southern states such as Mississippi decided to leave the Union and attempt to create their own country. Additionally, discuss what Douglass said about slavery and how it relates to the travesty of the Civil War. Be sure to cover the 4 W’s of each document, and how they relate to the topic.

Remember that your post needs to be over 100 words, and you need to cover all of the topics posed in the question. Bringing in the relevant history from this unit is necessary for you to fully answer the question.

Attached are the two documents (Mississippi Sescession & Fredrick Douglass) that needs to be read to complete the question accurately.