humanitarian response and recovery

The Syrian refugee crisis has been classified as one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history. Discuss three challenges associated with this humanitarian crisis. How would you recommend managing these challenges? Be prepared to substantiate your ideas.

Teaching Points

For the remainder of the semester the idea of the discussion boards is to demonstrate what you have learned tand apply this learning to the discussions. This is an opportunity to dig a little deeper into concepts and begin to discuss “the how’s” of doing things from an emergency management perspective. Remember, as future emergency managers you will generally not be asked to discuss what literature shows. You will be asked to solve problems during the very worst of times. Keep this in my mind this week and the next two weeks. Think/reflect on the various surrounding the discussion board topics and develop your posts to solve problems rather than just answering questions. Remember that you will still need to provide appropriate citations and references.


The Syrian Refugee Crisis

by CHDS · Published December 11, 2017 · Updated December 11, 2017

Dr. Anne Marie Baylouny, Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and an expert in the Middle East, Refugees, Islam, and Social Welfare, talks about the Syrian refugee crisis in this four part series.

Part I: Dimensions of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Part II: The Syrian Refugee Crisis’ Effects on Host State

Part III: Why did the Syrian Refugees go to Europe

Part IV: Potential Solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis