HY 1010 Western Civilization -1

Question 1

Migration is a significant feature of ancient and medieval life. Using examples from the medieval world, consider how the name we give to these movements of peoples shapes our view of their cultures. How do we define migration vs. invasion? Which term is most appropriate to the more fluid pre-modern political entities of this period? Were migration and invasion more harmful or more beneficial in the early medieval period? Explain.

Question 2

Using specific examples from the period 1000–1300 only, explain how you would rank the importance of religious, economic, or political factors in medieval development.

Question 3

Using the textbook or a web search, select an artifact or image created in 1000–1300 C.E. Artifacts can include written works, laws, codes, buildings, maps, art, rituals, dance, holidays, and so on. Explain how the artifact reflects the character of this period, and support your insight with at least one example of a political, economic, or religious development in this period to which it relates. Provide a link to your artifact; if you use the textbook, provide the page number for where it is located.