hy 1110 american history

The War Between the States, the War of Northern Aggression, the Civil War. Whatever you call it, it was the bloodiest war in US history. Former colleagues and friends fought on opposing sides, not just for political reasons, but often for cultural reasons. Remember that at this time, most Americans saw themselves in relation to their states or regions of the country. The idea of an American nationalism was still in its adolescence. For instance, a southerner most likely saw himself as a southerner first and American second, if at all. A Virginian might identify as a Virginian. These allegiances were important in fighting tooth and nail during the Civil War. Ultimately, slavery was at the center of the dispute, and even when slavery was abolished with the 13th Amendment, it hung around in a different form during Reconstruction.

Discuss how these concepts in this course can be related or compared to real-world situations like political issues of today’s time.

Minimum 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.