Hydrology around Falaj Daris.(In Oman)

Write a report (minimum 350 words or two A4 pages) about the Hydrology around Falaj Daris.(In Oman)

By reading your report, one should be able to answer the below questions:

  1. Is the protection zone referred by UNESCO, correct from hydrological point of view? How to define the best protection zone for the falaj?
  2. Is the effluent flowing in the catchment of Falaj Daris? What is the distance between the effluent and Umm Al Falaj?
  3. What do you (the author) suggest to protect the falaj subsurface part?

Rubric for grading

This practical weight 20 pts.

  • 3 pts for a map describing the topography in colors
  • 3 pts for the discussion of the falaj protection zone
  • 5 pts for a map showing the basin of Nizwa and all natural channels
  • 5 pts for a map showing the falaj route, Shareaa, the effluent pipe and the sub-catchment (Shareaa watershed)
  • 4 pts for the description of the hydrology and environmental challenges of falaj Daris