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Library Workshop Follow Up Assignment

Copy and number the question and then answer it. Everything must be typed. Be thorough in your answers. Grammar will count. Answer in complete sentences.

What is ONET? List and discuss five career services it provides for career-seekers. Discuss how it can help career-seekers. Basically, what is it, what information does it include, and how does it work. You will need to go on the ONET site and browse closely to what it all entails.

Name three Cook Library databases and compare/contrast what kind of information (for example, subject matter and formats) they contain. What did you learn about how to search these databases efficiently and effectively?

How can you tell credible research information from outdated or falsely stated information? Be thorough.

People always remember the stories. Therefore, if you can support what you write with real stories, your paper becomes believable and credible. Browse an online newspaper and find an article on one of the following topics: “Me Too” Movement, Diversity, Equality, Gun Control, Religious Conflicts, Poverty, Income Discrimination, or Government Accountability. Read the article. Then, write the title, the name of the online newspaper, and a paragraph summary on the article.